Updating this blog.

I am archiving all my old work and writing new pieces here: shelbystone-steel.com. 

Meraki is the updated work. 
Eat, Drink, and Be Married is the (slowly) archived pieces from this site.

Currently, I am watching Modern Love. I'm excited about it because I used to love reading the stories in the New York Times.  I am folding clothes as I watch this show. My friend Tasha told me about it. We've been friends since we were 16 years old. She is someone that does a far better job at keeping her ear and eyes to the culture. And she does such a phenomenal job at keeping me updated. But I think the coolest part about it all is that she is someone that knows me well enough to suggest stories that are so aligned with who I am. It's funny how relationships work - some for moments, some for years, some for a lifetime. And we never know which relationship is which (short, long, deep, shallow) until it's all said and done.   We will always have Paris.

Update: there are no women of color as a love interest so far... arrrgh....come on AMAZON!!!! What a beautiful series - you really couldn't incorporate a woman of color in it? It reminds me of Disney movies as a child. You love the film, but you watch as a spectator "an other." Meh.

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