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Active Dreaming

Since the pastor told me to put my dream back on the shelf - I have been trying to figure out: "what the heck is my dream?"  Well, the  Shelby of yesteryear would plump herself down on a big worn and cozy red couch with a huge wide-brimmed cuppa joe/tea and some Afro-indie music and dream, visualize, pray, meditate, write...   Well with two lils running around, that no longer works for me - well, at least, I don't think. My dreaming has become active. I dream as I pick up the house, as I light the candles, as I put on the coffee for the next morning, as I watch baby Noah bathe, or as I pat Neiko's back at night. That said, today's IDEA came while rocking Noah to sleep - I will do something creative each night.
I am going to put my sugahs to bed 30 min. earlier and then dedicate the following hours to creative work. I used to do a work block at night, but my job is good, Mike is a saint and God is even better - so I'm gonna reschedule my day and my time to li…

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