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Hosting Christmas 

I sent this text  to my family tonight:
“Tonight, Mike and I are setting up the tree and the start of the decorations. Blasting on the playlist is nat king cole, Luther, Whitney and I am so emotional - thinking about the beautiful souls that I’ve been so blessed to spend time with physically during the holidays and now they will only be here in spirit. I’m sure the apple cider and salted caramel crown royal deliciousness isn’t helping. But it feels like yesterday since we were driving home from Dayton on Christmas Eve (dad carrying us in the house). And now it's my turn, two small kids and hosting Christmas!!!! What would pawpaw say? ­čĺ×­čĺ»” Isn’t it crazy how the fun, but regular makes the most tear filled memories? I’m going to enjoy every second of this holiday. I’m gonna stay focused on my cup being full. Regardless of the politics I may disagree with, the early mornings, the projects that feel overwhelming, or the cookies that burn - I will take it all in and store it in my hea…

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