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Off to a new adventure....

So, it's funny, because just a few short months ago I wrote about putting my dream back on the shelf. I was confused because I didn't have a dream. I also wrote about writing, again and then I stopped writing. But, guess what? I didn't stop dreaming - in fact, I began dreaming, feeling and walking in this peaceful obedience that at times felt incredibly: privileged, naive, ridiculous, bittersweet, scary, and everything else - but all the while peaceful... I'm sure I lost folks there.

But for the last three months, after some very turbulent times, I realized that I was depleted. Depleted in a way that was unrecognizable to other folks (even those closest to me), because I've been slowly, slowly, slowly emptying for so long  that by the last drop folks just think "oh, that's just who Shelby is now." I was the lively frog in the cool, to warm, to hot, to boiling water. And so, I started a daily study on stillness, peace, solitude, silence, and energy re…

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