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Living Beyond the Schedule

So I live off of schedules. OPE (organizing, planning and executing) has always been my strong suit. It's the part of an interview that I crush. I've always said that it's the only way that a free-spirit can manage and thrive in the type-A environment in which I was nurtured (at home, at school, and now in my career). I have to know what comes next or else if left to me - the decision could take all of the execution time and energy.
As Ashley, my incredibly decisive cousin, used to tease: "How we going to McDonald's, waiting in this long line, and you get up here and don't know what you want?"  To make it worse, I rarely eat meat - which only left a few choices (back in the 2000s).
I say this to say, that I am slowly recognizing that although I ways to organize myself - I still cannot get it all done. There is no list, no schedule that can help me. I have to cut things. I have to realize what my priorities are: Who am I.…

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