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So funny, I got my first burn on the grill - when I was super young. My father, like his father-in-law (and only father he knew) didn't believe in meals cooked indoors when temps allowed for outdoor cooking. He still doesn't - hence all his many ways ways of cooking outdoors. That said, the grill had become a part of our family tradition and I had no problem standing close to it and talking to loved ones.

I ended up burning my entire knee. My mom, in her normal disposition, didn't trip. She made me an at home elixir and patched me up. I was back outside and near the grill in no time.

That said, years later, I was burned so many times up and down my arms - from pastry arts school and time in professional kitchens - that I almost forget the awful shock of a burn. That is until a few days ago, years of not being burned (badly) made me soft. This recent burn has been brutal. I can't help, but feel slightly tough...but I also can't help searching for "ways you kno…

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