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Isn't it crazy when people know you better than you know yourself?

This just in: Question from a male reader.

Photo: Vonetta McGee

Quick Question: I'm kinda putting myself out there... (but oh well.)

A little teaser...

soap box: life is so vanilla...(and I am sorry this post is sooo long)

My DECISION for now:

Book Review: I'm completely DROWNING in nonfiction.

According to this study... the races are REALLY different! ha!

That's IT!

Best thing about exploring a new city!

Do you ever talk just to be talking?

Just wanted to share!

I haven't been purposefully NEGLECTFUL, but...

Soap Box and (oh yea) Favorite Song Right Now!

on my way to see little renny in school - be back Monday!

What to wear?

UPDATE: I'm doing well... thanks for asking!

What I need from you is understanding...

Spicin' Up Date Night

Eating with Christine