The Rhythm of Slow Living

I wrote this blogpost about listening and slow living, then I disappeared for months. Well, you'd be happy to know that I have been doing just that: slow intentional living. But when I tell y'all that it's not the least bit as easy as I thought it would be. For me...and this will surprise no one. It takes routines and rules. 

Routines (such as my night routine): 
Boys down. Electronics off. Pick up and return everything that's out of place. Bed made. BIG cuppa water poured. Apartment is clear and open. Turn off all lights. Light candles. Silence. Fill up bathroom sink. Prepare hair for sleep. Face mask (gotta start the anti-aging process). Teeth care. Shower/bath. Lavender. Oil. Robe. Hot rag on face. Mask off. Comfy loose pjs on. Spritz. Candle in bedroom filling up the room with a dim light and fragrance. Gratitude list - at least ten. Drink cuppa water. Tea time. Book/Show/Mike.

Rules (such as my 9-12; 3:30-5:30) time:
Outside for morning session. Most of the time -  little electronic use. Activities fill the space.  Exploring with Noah. Talking with Neiko. Wandering. Swimming. Walking. Jogging.  Hiking. Reading. Recipe trying. Cooking. Mixing. Blending. Barista'ing.  Tutoring (Neiko). Play dating. Eating. Marketing.

I am still trying to get it all down and each day is different, but for the most part

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