It has been so long.

I literally don't know what to say or how to say it or whether I am even open for this responsiblity and what blogging looks like in my 30s. But I do know that I have a few things to say, I feel like I miss this side of my life and so -- I am open. I am open to try --- slowly.

This won't be updated often and I am not looking for followers or visibility, but I have been writing quite often (in my dear diary - private blog) and I miss it going into the universe. I miss the feeling of yelling in a wide open field - not knowing if your voice, the echo, will reach the ears of another.  If there is someone else in the meadows - feeling the same things and hears your "HELLO out there" and it brings a smile or a quick feeling of "I'm not alone."

I am not afraid to yell and it be captured by the trees or the breeze, but I miss the yell. I love writing in my journals (handwritten and electronically), but it's more like a soft whisper. A secret between me and God - I love it...but I am missing the echo...the thrill of the yell. The connectivity of humanity through transparency.

So here I am, once again... yelling into the breeze....

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