Diversity & Love 

 Since it’s the day of mourning/ thanksgiving - my day of gratitude - I’m combining my blog and journal entry.

Before anything - a moment of silence and thanks to the Native community. 

So although I’m not home. I’m gonna make this time as authentic as possible: Music on.Bible study app, bible gateway, and blogger instead of favorite pen (.38 tip), study and women’s bibles, and my journal. A sleeping baby Bear (Noah) in my arms vs a hot cuppa’jo. And go time:

Reading: 1 Co 12 & 13 these chapters speak on the importance of diversity within the church body and the fact that love is the most important aspect of being a follower of Christ. 

Journal entry: diversity is everything. There are few things more important to me as a diverse and global perspective. I’m thankful for the people in my life, they span every identity and keep me in tune with humanity. Homogenous populations make me feel incredibly uncomfortable and people that prefer them scare me. Tokenism is something I quickly smell out and run from. But if you have me in the relationship or setting - show me why I’m there. So that I can be a blessing and then exit. These verses, remind me that you’ve  created us differently on purpose and value us all the same. But regardless of how much we accomplish - if we don’t show love - it means nothing. So diversity matters. Gifts matter. But love - treating folks with kindness, patience, and avoiding self- righteousness matters more. I try to be as nonoffensive as possible, but still have a lot of growing to do. Grow me, God. Show me where I’m not in tune with love.

Next steps: This is a simple reminder to seek out the beautiful, the value, the differences in people. There isn’t a better day than the day that I’m surrounded by loved ones to practice listening, valuing, being grateful for and speaking in love. I will be love today. I remember the example that the Native community set when they welcomed the settlers. I will seek out ways to serve, to be kind and to be patient. I will make sure that I not only show love towards those in the room, but also those not in the room.

Prayer: too much, too many people, and too private

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