"Oh this shirt is fabulous! I'll take five!" "Working out feels great - I will do it every single day." "Wait, that's unfair - I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to correct that." 

This is one of the greatest weakness of my character - according to me (and my personality weaknesses). I am a passionate extremist. 

Let me step back - if you are to know one thing about me - it's that I am OBSESSIVE about personality quizzes. Some folks are into astrology. I like to know what kind of pizza I am or what shade of blue. 

Anyways, my cycle is as follows:
"I'm gonna DO ALLLLLLL the things ---> "oh no, I'm out of energy" - I'm gonna crawl under this rock and rest'
Well, today, I am under my rock:

I tried my hand at getting to the on-trend church right on time and in my Sunday's very best outfit. Boys shiny, I'm shiny, Mike flawless. Everything is perfect including our pre-service morning routine: low-tech, everything made from scratch, low-sugar (cause the boys must be well manicured and perfectly behaved - sit straight, quiet, and stand up when time).*


Mike is out of town on a quick day trip to Florida. So this morning, I got my boys together - bath, lotioned up, kinda-matching outfits, and hair done. Gave them some hot Vans waffles smeared in maple syrup and butter, Then I threw on some Wild Kratts for them and I sat in my room with a cupppa jo and got myself ready for church (interruption free). We got to the small church with the good Word and the folded seats (which is gonna be my church home) late.  And when Noah started having a fit about staying in the nursery - I left him there (with power from the wise words of the older sistah "he gonna have to get used to this, you gonna eventually have to leave him") So I did. And y'all I listened to a Word that was especially right for me. It was absolutely perfect.

I hope you are being absolutely true to you today!

*Truthfully I admire everything about on-trend churches and ladies/families that can be alllllllll the things, but admiration and my bandwidth are two totally different things. When will I learn this? God only knows.

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