My Creator

Neiko isn't feeling a picture but I was in my happy place...sooooo... 
I am incredibly rooted in my faith in God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

But I don't think I was able to walk into my faith in fullness until recently after doing several studies and reading book after book on the relationship, etc. Now, most folks would be completely confused to hear me say that. I have always been grounded in my relationship with God. 

But, even in that, I needed to shift my perspective. For ME, I needed to see God as my Creator. I didn't need Him to be my parent. I want...need...approval from Ken and Lynne. I didn't need Him to be my friend -  I don't ever put all my ish on one person and I also fall in cycles of fear of rejection, etc.

Therefore once, I saw Christ as my Creator - my creative, brilliant, Creator that wants to see me meet my wholeness - He wants my ugly, He wants my stuff, He wants me to be great - not great in comparison... but simply Shelby great - whatever that means. Like he wants me to be quirky - he wants me to love and respect nature but also love and respect mosquito repellent. He wants me.

The relationship for me is - God the Father (my Creator), the Holy Spirit (my Guide - cause so many decisions in life - I cannot see), and Jesus (my example and the one that understands my humanity- he's my interpreter). I am able to live in my relationship with these three. I am able to "hide in their safe retreat" (Kings Kaleidoscope) and keep flowing through life...our way. 

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