On the Flip Side:

(yes, I've been doing a lot of thinking about this subject)

I have come to the conclusion that some of the most interesting and creative human beings have the most "boring" lives and experiences. I truly find that exclusion, loneliness, lack of social networks/televisions/etc., a small circle of friends, and a blank social calendar has created some of the most interesting people I know and/or read about.

I am really beginning to believe bits of seclusion, repetition, and the lack of all-day mental stimulation (boredom) breeds creativity, out of the box thinking, and a deepened spiritual walk. Here lately, I find myself trying my hardest to create moments of complete silence and dig up that little Shelby inside - the little girl that existed before the internet, when mom regulated television, heck, when television consisted of a small little box (my parents jumped on the television train a little late), and when summer vacations meant sitting in the backyard by myself or playing with Kenny until the rest of our friends came outside. My imagination was crazy then - I would climb trees. I would write books. Create art work. Rescue animals - a baby squirrel. Pretend I was a princess or a basketball player (depending on the day - I've always had a hard time being decisive about my career path).

So, what I think - I think - is that I need to allow myself to be "bored"  in order to avoid being a "boring" person.

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