Channeling Denise Huxtable

This past week or so I have been under the weather - some days worst than others.

With the sniffles, a reoccuring headache, sinus pressure, coughing and sneezing (in addition to PMS) - the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and even more painful is the thought of fitting myself into a tight outfit, heels or doing anything with my hair that feels restrictive.

But like many of us - not going to work is not an option and going anywhere looking a hot mess makes me feel even WORST. So, here lately, I have been channeling (one of my many style icons) Denise Huxtable.

For Denise's look - I am wearing big scarfs, non-flat-ironed hair, natural make-up, non-fitted tops, cute casual flats and headbands. Only thing that I am adding in order to insert a little of me into my outfits are: piling on the jewlery, keeping my colors clean (whites, blacks, dark colors, not too many patterns) and always adding something sparkly to perk up my outfit and mood.

So although my look isn't polished, it is comfy and relaxed which allows me to enjoy my sick girl look while keeping it modern, fun and stylish.

Funny Note: last week someone in my office stopped me and said "you remind me of Different World" :) Mission COMPLETE!

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