Sexy Saturday Secret

Button Down Shirts on Him - sexy
Button Down Shirts on Her - SEXIER

Eat brunch in his "after QT" shirt.

Most women know the sex appeal of wearing his shirt to bed or after spending "QT" time; however usually after being thrown somewhere on the ground, the shirt is discarded for the day BUT there is nothing sexier than keeping on his button down top (put on a low cut wife beater under the top and button your shirt really low), throw on some leggings/shorts/jeans/etc. under the top, and make sure that make-up is super toned down but you look polished.

There is something about leaving on the button down top that completely reminds your Love of how incredibly sexy you are and the good times that you've had and will possibly revisit later. And for you the faint smell of his cologne from the shirt and the combination of your lotion/perfume throughout the day is a reminder of y'all's chemistry.

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