ESPN Love Story: John and Nell Wooden

After bouncing from Mike's family get together to my family get together and later out to Therapy Cafe with a majority of my cousins, Mike and I retired to his mother's home exhausted. While throwing on my pjs and washing off the day's make-up and face grim, Mike called me in the t.v. room - "this story is incredible," he said smiling at me. On the screen was (of course) an ESPN commentator, the picture of a really old man and a header that read "John Wooden."

Half asleep, I leaned on Mike and began listening to the most beautiful love story - the story of John and Nell...sorry...Nell and John Wooden.

I searched for this story today and finally found it - watch it and enjoy. Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday! Me, I am sitting a the library with my Love completely and utterly relaxing. Life, love and God are good.

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