Waking up next to Mike on Saturday was such a blessing that I slowly sneaked out of the bed, grabbed my bible and scurried into the living room. I made the last tablespoon of coffee, read the Word and literally set there staring out of my window at the fall breeze "Thanking Jesus for the moment."

Realizing that I would be home surrounded by family in a few days warmed my spirit more than the cup of Jo.

"Shelby, do you want to take our walk?" from the next room.

"Thought you'd never ask."

Hand and hand in our sweats, Mike and I went to our favorite deli - Mike treated us both to a cup of coffee and two breakfast sandwiches. His with jelly, mine without. As we sat at the park - eating, talking and laughing - I felt like I was drowning in happiness. Usually when this happens, I start to think too hard about ridiculousness in order to calm myself down, but this time, I let the happiness pour into my heart merely suffocating me.

As we ran errands, went to the local market, ate a mid-afternoon snack of apples and whipped honey, and I took a nap (with football in the background) on his lap while he wrote a paper - I continued to let my self sink deeper and deeper into this euphoric state.

After making a romantic dinner to the sounds of Michael Nyman - Flounder, roasted potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and some wine - we took showers, got dolled up, wore our matching red and black (heheh) and went out for a night on the town. We wanted to go to the Bodies museum, but we were too late :) and so we decided to walk around at the seaport, try to find Godiva (with no luck), and go to the seaport Unos - where we split dessert. Being there reminded us so much of Newport on the Levee back home. While sitting there we split a deep dish chocolate cookie (1,400 calories) and ice cream, and ran our mouths sharing ridiculous stories of our past, present, was so much fun that we were shocked when we were two of the only people in the place. We literally shut the place down.

Later we walked around and talked some more and after getting off the train, Mike began to walk fast because he was freezing, but I had to tell him "to slow down" - I wanted to savour each step. He did and we walked so slow down the street - I know there were people that probably saw our shadows and thought we were 100 years old but I didn't care...I wanted to feel each step and walk carefully in order to avoid my heart busting because at this point it was completely flooded...

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