A Vent:

The other day, I was talking to a friend "Shannon" and she was laughing at my "passion" over a detail left out in (as she put it) a "menial task." She went on to tell me that I crack her up because I was able to layout the complete break down in the execution of the task. The funny thing about the task was that it is something that I usually handle just because I like it done a certain way but this time another one of my buddies "Farrah" decided to handle the details. And to Shannon's point:

"Girl, you know that was a ridiculous task in Farrah's mind, she
thinks she deserves to be the managing director at her job. She is not trying to execute the tiny details in little wack jobs."

Shannon's point bothered me so much. How can Farrah think that she "deserves" to be the managing director and yet not care about the small details of a "menial" tasks.

To be honest, I struggle with the idea of "menial" jobs constantly - the idea that (and I will now switch the focus to myself for clarity and honesty sake) I "deserve" this job. I've realized that if tomorrow something happens and the Lord calls me to be a subway cleaner, (a job that most people don't aspire to be, it's easy to do a half job, and no one really pays attention to it, although it's SUCH AN IMPORTANT JOB), I want to be the type of person that will do it with joy and pride, give it my best and try to get better at the job daily. And at the same time, if in my lifetime I reach my God given dreams, I hope that I do that job with joy and appreciation, to the best of my ability and try to get better at it daily.

I think it's important to be dreamers and to run after our dreams and work hard to get them, but I also think it's important to realize that we don't deserve anything. There are women that are far more intelligent, harder working, and just all around better people than I am that die working "menial" jobs, that are forced in to sex slavery, threatened into silence, that never touch their dreams...who am I that I "deserve" anything? None of us "deserve", God, others owe us nothing.

All this is to say that I have BIG dreams for myself and it's important to me to work hard, pray harder and strive for those dreams BUT along the way to getting to those dreams, realizing that I don't deserve anything...each task, job and day is a blessing and I must treat it that way by doing everything to the best of my ability, focusing on the details (which is hard because I tend to be a big picture person), realizing that there will be hard days, I will mess up, but at the end of the day I MUST GET BETTER.

So, yes my friend messed up on something ridiculous and there is nothing wrong with messing up (I do it daily - there are probably punctuation, grammar, spelling mistakes that I missed in this post), but there is something wrong with stating that you deserve to be running a company but then dismissing the small and background tasks, details and jobs as "menial"... in order to run a great company, you must be able get the small things right and while doing those small things realize that "NOTHING IS BELOW" you.

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